A downloadable game

This is a short atmospheric demo / prototype developed under the theme "DEAL"

Playtime: about 15min

This is just the prototype. Full (short) game coming in 2019 

Follow me on Twitter @sirraidon for updates on the full release  


xbox controller highly recommended;

if you use keyboard controls: 

Move - WASD; Interact - F; Jump - Space; Shoot - RMB; add Timeshift - E; subtract Timeshift - Q; Look around - Mouse


Assets: following asset packs provided by Epic Games: “Soul: Cave”; “Water Planes”; “Paragon: Agora and Monolith”; “InfinityBlade: Grass Lands”; “Open World Demo Collection”

Music: altered tracks from the artist "Lorn" published on “Self Confidence Vol. 3”

Development log


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While I definitely enjoyed the visuals, atmosphere and pace of the game, I'm not really sure I understood it. The game is absolutely gorgeous with an immense sense of scale and the time/light swap mechanic is interesting, if not a little underutilized. My biggest issue is I just didn't know what u was supposed to be doing, and I don't even know if I finished it. 

This game was really cool! I loved your use of colors and the music fit really well. I'm looking forward to what you do next!


I absolutely love this. I can tell by the graphical detail, despite being very geometrical, TONS of work went into crafting the scenery. That alone earns this game its place. The music is fantastically implemented, and is seemingly tuned to the story itself. Although this is more of a visually exploring game, I adore the concept. This game has so much potential. I really like the subtle hint of the story however it remained very mysterious as who or what we were exactly. I sensed a big contrast between the two realms of existence and overall saw it in the game. At first, the cave is extremely warm and vibrant, but following the light's "murder", the environment becomes cold. It gives the impression of What truly Lies in the Darkness? Overall, a great experiment, extremely expansive,  and a wonderful start to an awesome team of developers!

First of all, thanks a lot for your impression. This is one of my first projects and I'm still learning. Furthermore I'm a solo dev so I appreciate your words and opinions even more. The feedback was very helpful. I will probably update this project in the future, adding some fixes.

Thanks again for your kind words ! 

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Oh my freakin christ,

I was totaly blown away by this one DEVs. Right from the opening scene I was just mesmerised by how well you have used the colors. The ball moved really well and when you fired of a couple of shots and panned round and you could see the projectile moving it just really added to the game play.

That damn audio track that started just after you activated the door, well, that just blew my balls off and when the "Demon" appeared I was just like, crank the stereo up. I am now big fan of Lorn and "Not new age Sisters of Mercy"so thank you  lol but I am a fan of the Sisters of Mercy if truth be known.

All the best DEVS


thank you for the incredible fast and good feedback. I don't expected that. I very much appreciate your nice words and thanks again for showing me how to improve this project.